Any participant in a class | session.

An individual that meets up with a group for

fitness/wellness performance. -


An individual who uses the space on their own.

Any individual streaming a session | an APP program

into a box for their own | private group participation.

May reserve a Box 14 days out.

Pay at the time of reservation in full for each reservation.

Cannot move a reservation but can assign a reservation to anyone

else up to 2 hrs before commencement. -

No refunds on a Box reservation.

May register other athletes attending, may register who the

other athletes attending are so they may sign in and

enter the Box anytime 20 minutes prior.

If sharing the cost of a Box, the Athlete is to collect payment

from the other athletes outside of our operation.


Any creator of fitness/wellness - an instructor.


Talent looking to record and/or stream content.


Book a Box 45 days out.


Move a reservation within 14 days of reservation.


Repurpose a Box as open register for the community to

sign up and participate.


Close a repurposed session to a private

group | community | clientele.


Assign a Box reservation to anyone else. -

No refunds on reservations.


Repurpose a reservation as a session | class | event.

Set the title, and Box details.


Register a Hold athlete in any Provider Reservation.


Select the type of session and equipment included from the Box

drop down menu when Repurposing a Box.


Establish any Rate, Partnership, Give-away, Corporate Event, Sponsor.


Stream Content - Use a Box reservation as a Stream-in Session.

Athletes sign up and pay for participation as if

Provider were leading in real life.


Stream Content - Set the rate for an athlete to stream session

from elsewhere and collect the money from an athlete

to stream outside our operation.